Are you Frustrated with Adwords?

  • Do you wonder why your clicks are so expensive?
  • Do you wonder why so many people click through but never buy?
  • Do you worry that maybe you don't have it set up properly?

You are probably right to be worried!

So Many Adwords accounts are set up Completely Wrong.

Over the many years that I have been helping clients with Adwords, I have yet to come across an account that was set up correctly.

Every single one had a problem that was costing the business owner money.

Sometimes the problem was a big one and they were wasting money at an alarming rate.

A Simple Checklist would have Helped

In nearly all the cases, they could have instantly saved themselves money by checking their account against a checklist that showed them exactly how to set up the account in the most cost effective way.

But does such a Checklist exist?

Yes, it does.

Introducing the Adwords Self Help Checklist

I've developed my checklist over years of looking at countless Adwords accounts.

I've found all the mistakes people are likely to make when setting up their account and my checklist covers them all.

I use it myself whenever I take over a new account or when conducting my Adwords Rescues for clients.

It has saved a lot of people a lot of money and frustration. It can do the same for you.

Martin Phillis, Definition Media

"Mike really demystifies the world of Google Ads. His expert advice will enable you to get a better return on PPC spend. I have no hesitation recommending Mike"

Suzi Colton, Fuzzydon

"After struggling many months with our Adwords campaign, I enlisted the help of Mike. Money well spent in my opinion. He has now got me on the right track and even provided video tutorials for me to re-visit and learn from. Thanks Mike!"

It's More than Just a Checklist

Rather than just a simple Checklist, I've also included a training video to explain exactly why the checklist tells you to make the changes it recommends. So you can make decided for yourself if the change I recommend makes sense for your business.

You will also find my best practice recommendations for Ad Groups and Keywords.

In fact, this is a little gold mine of very useful information.

Get your Copy of my Adwords Self Help Checklist and Video Training Today


You will be Very Happy with the Results. I Guarantee It!

gold_seal_label_3661Everything I do comes with my Full Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, then just tell me and I will refund all your money. It’s as simple as that. You can have complete peace of mind. Either this works for you or it doesn't cost you a penny!

* Please note if you are in the UK or European Union, then the price excludes VAT which will be added at Checkout. If you are outside the UK and European Union ,then this Tax will not be added and you will only pay £97. The full price will be clearly stated during the checkout process and before you commit to pay.