Why should you work with me?

It’s likely you got to this page because you have been referred to me by one of my happy customers since a lot of my work has come from word of mouth referral. If that’s the case then you will already know about the good things I do for my clients and why I am different from other Adwords Managers. However, just so you have the full picture, here are some reasons why people work with me.

Firstly, I speak your language!

What do I mean by that?

Simply this. I ran my own business before I got into Adwords Management. I completely understand what it’s like to run your own business and I know what’s important to you. I know the right questions to ask you to make sure that the Adwords advertising is meeting your needs.

You see the problem with many Adwords managers is that whilst they may understand the mechanics of how to use Adwords they are clueless about running a business and therefore they rarely understand what you are trying to achieve. For example, it’s quite likely they will aim to buy you the cheapest clicks they can from Google as they will assume that is your goal. However, I know that in many cases, what you are looking for is the most profitable clicks. You want leads and sales.

Running my own business has given me a unique insight. So who would you prefer to talk to. Someone who’s been where you are or someone who’s just learnt which buttons to press in Adwords but doesn’t really know why!

I don’t tie my clients up with clever contracts

One of the tricks that some companies will use is to get you to sign a contract that locks you into working with them for a minimum period of time and if you try to leave early they will hit you with a penalty charge.

I don’t do that. There are no minimum contracts to sign. All of my clients are free to stop using my services at any time and there are no charges to stopping.

I prefer my clients to stay with me because I get great results and not because I’ve trapped them with a clever contract.

I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with the work I do then I’ll tear up the invoice. I only want you to pay me when I get the results you want. Very few Adwords companies seem to be prepared to offer a guarantee for their work like I do. I wonder why?

You’ll know exactly what I’m doing for you!

That might sound obvious but actually some companies like to hide behind techno jargon rather than explain what they are doing and why they are doing it.

I prefer to make sure you understand exactly what I’m doing and I will take the time to explain to you in a language you can understand – I call it plain English!

I go beyond Adwords.

As I already stated earlier, I know that your goal for Adwords is not about getting cheap clicks but it’s actually about generating leads or sales.

Unlike other Adwords companies that will probably focus on the cost of clicks and trying to get lot of visitors to your website. I prefer to focus on getting you the right visitors. You know; the ones who buy stuff!

Also it’s important to me that your website does its job and turns those visitors into buying customer. So you can expect me to offer advice and support on changes that should be made to your website to increase the number of sales it generates.