Adwords Essentials – How to Win at Adwords



How would you like to:

  • Turn your website into a profit generator rather than just a “costly” business necessity.
  • Turn on a tap of highly qualified customers - quite literally!
  • Feel like you can invest confidently in advertising because you it’s working!
  • Get rid of that nagging fear that you are missing out and finally discover the huge benefits of the internet for yourself!

Hi, I'm Mike Seddon and I'd like to offer you the chance to discover how Google Adwords can revolutionise your business.

I've managed Adwords campaigns for many, many years. I'm a Qualified Adwords Professional (it means I've passed their exams!) and I'm the author of the book Simply Adwords (available on Amazon and through other book sellers). In a nutshell. I know how to make Adwords work and work really well!

“If you are completely new to Adwords or maybe you tried it once and it didn’t work, then you are in the right place because I created this Adwords Essential course especially for you.”

Adwords Works – it really does!!

I bet you’ve heard people say that Adwords doesn’t work or that it’s too expensive. I hear it all the time, and yet I have many happy clients who are doing very well thanks to Adwords. They know that it DOES work if you do it right.

Most people fail because they jump right in without any real knowledge of how Adwords works. They go about it completely wrong and eventually give up in frustration.

You see there is some essential knowledge you need to know about Adwords otherwise you are going to fail – and fail BIG!

“This essential knowledge is what separates the winners and losers.”

It’s this essential knowledge that has helped me create many, many successful advertising campaigns for both myself and my clients.

We hired Mike after hearing one of his webinars on Adwords. In only a few months, he successfully generated so much extra business for us that we had to ask him to stop the advertising for a while so that we could deal with all the extra clients!

Tony Bukhari
H&H Legal

And, it’s this essential knowledge that I am going to share with you in my Adwords Success training program. That’s why I’ve decided to call it: Adwords Essentials – How to Win at Google Adwords.

So what will you learn?

Don’t be fooled by the name “Adwords Essentials”. This course goes into a lot of depth. It’s a very comprehensive course and you will discover a lot of highly profitable information. Here is just some of the content included in this course:

  • Adword's essential secret exposed and why it is critical to your success

  • How to dominate your competition using Adword's secret weapon

  • How to save a fortune by setting up your advertising campaigns the right way!

  • How to find the right keywords for your business

  • I'll introduce you to the valuable keyword resource that's right under your nose

  • A step by step guide to using Google's keyword tool to uncover your best keywords.

  • Keyword matching techniques. What they are and how they make or break a campaign

  • How to Group Keywords together to get the best click prices and generate the most sales

  • Step by Step walkthough on setting up Google’s Conversion Tracking and why this is so important to your success. (Plus it’s free!)

  • How to target your adverts geographically and avoid selling ice cream to the Eskimos!

  • The trick to writing great adverts, just like the professionals.

  • How to continually fine tune your adverts for maximum profits

  • Discover the best place on Google for your advert. Hint. It's not at the top of the page!

  • Discover the true purpose of an advert. Many people write bad adverts because they don't know this.

  • The most successful advert layout – ever!

  • How to avoid paying the price for upsetting Google with your adverts

  • How to write web pages that sell.

  • The secret trick to continually improving sales on your website.

  • How to create web pages that Adwords loves

  • And lots more.....

I know that's a lot, but don’t worry you won’t be overwhelmed with too much information. Everything is delivered in short, easy to follow videos. You can learn at your own pace. You will be amazed at how simple some of this is and how quickly you will learn.


I'm a beginner. Is this for me?

Yes. Absolutely. This course is designed for complete beginners.

This course assumes you know nothing at all about Google Adwords. It starts right at the beginning so it’s ideal for complete beginners.

Also if you are worried that it might be too technical or that you won’t understand it then please don’t worry. I promise to explain everything in plain English and it’s all on video so you can watch it at your own speed, Also you can ask me questions directly using an exclusive email address I will give you for this course.

“Mike has so much knowledge at his disposal, and always manages to present it to techno-muppets like me in comprehensible bite-sized chunks. Thank goodness - it's all gain and no pain. Thanks, Mike!”

Sally Pickard

I'm already using Adwords, Is this for me?

If Adwords isn’t working as well as you’d like it to then I’m confident that this course is for you. You see, I know lots of people who come to me thinking they know Adwords and very quickly they realise that they’ve got it all wrong.

Obviously this course starts with the basics so we will initially cover ground you may already know but I'm willing to bet I can surprise you with lots you don't know. However if you feel the course doesn't teach you anything new then just let me know and I'll refund your course fee - so you've nothing to lose by giving this a try. (And frankly, quite probably lots to gain).

“Mike really demystifies the world of Google Ads. His expert advice will enable you to get a better return on PPC spend. I have no hesitation recommending Mike”

Martin Phillis
Definition Media

Where is the course being held?

Good news: There is no need to travel anywhere and you can attend the course whenever you want!

As a business owner, I know you are very busy and your time is precious. I’m know that finding the time travel to a training course is going to be very difficult, if not impossible! I’m also sure you find booking a course a bit of a risk because it seems that something always seems to crops up last minute and you end up missing the course. This is costly and frustrating for you.

So, you will be very pleased to hear that this course takes all that risk away. Everything is delivered online in easy to watch videos. These videos are available to you to watch whenever you have time. Whether that is first thing in the morning, last thing at night or whilst grabbing a bite to eat over lunch!

You will be able to watch my training where ever and whenever you can get to the internet. Whether it's from home, in the office, in an internet cafe or even on the train.

How long is the course?

The training is delivered in four lessons and each lesson is delivered in bite sized modules. Some modules are only a few minutes long whilst others maybe 10 or 15 minutes in length.

In all there are about 4 hours of videos to watch. All of them packed with information.

Obviously you do not have to watch all of them in one go. That is why I have split the videos down into lessons and modules. If you only have a few minutes to spare, then you can watch one module. What’s more, as these are online videos you can go back and watch the modules as often as you like.

In fact, whilst you work on your own Adwords account, you can have the videos playing and copy exactly what I do. It's that easy.

How quickly you go through all the training is really up to you. It’s not a race! Take as long as you need. I think you will be surprised at how quickly you learn this new knowledge.

What if this doesn't work?

If you put into practice what I show you then it will work. I'm very confident of that.

Let me demonstrate my confidence and offer you a cast iron, full money back guarantee.

My course comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

If this doesn’t work for you then tell me at any time within 90 days and I'll refund your money completely. No quibbles, no arguments. You'll get a complete refund. Even if I think you haven't implemented what I taught!

Of course, when it works (as I know it will) then I will be delighted to receive a testimonial from you so I can add it to the growing list I already have.


What if I’m too busy right now to take this course?

I know you are very busy and maybe you don’t have time right now to start the course but I’m sure you could find time in the next three months. That’s why I offer a 90 day guarantee. I really want you to be able to find the time to watch these videos and discover how Adwords really works. I know that once you do this course, you will be very happy.

I don't think you'll find anyone else offering a full 90 day money back guarantee for their Adwords course. At best, most courses only offer a 30 day guarantee (if they offer one at all!).

So, don’t put this off. If you are too busy today to watch the course today then I encourage you to still go ahead and grab this offer now. Why miss out on this low price and regret it later.

 What if I Need Help?

When you sign up for the course, I will give you an exclusive email address which will give you priority access to me. If you have any questions as you watch the video lessons then you can use that email and I guarantee they will be answered as a priority.

Don't delay, Act Now.

Why wait any longer?

Google Adwords revolutionized my business and I’ve seen it make a massive difference to many other businesses. At this very minute, there are customers looking for what you have to sell. Adwords can drive them to your website. Why waste a minute?

It's your choice. Get this course today and start to tap into the wealth of traffic from Google OR carry on ignoring the internet until it is too late.


And don’t forget, this is 100% guaranteed or your money back – so you really have nothing to lose.

* Please note that prices exclude VAT. This will be applied to UK and certain EU buyers . This will be confirmed to you during the order process before we take payment. Buyers outside the UK & EU will not be charged VAT.

Special Bonus - Two Months Free Access to the Internet Jetstream Business Club

As a business owner, I'm sure you are aware of the enormous potential of the internet to grow your business. Google Adwords is an excellent way to tap into all those potential customers who are looking to buy from you. It's certainly the one that I believe delivers the fastest results.

But what about all the other ways to find your customers on the internet. What about SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Many different ways and each offering the potential to tap into new, undiscovered customers.

Of course, with so many opportunities, it can all seem overwhelming. So much to learn and you've so little time.

That's why I created the Internet Jetstream Business Club. It's a members website which contains lots of "how to" videos which will show you exactly what you need to do. Most of the videos are only 10 minutes long and they show you exactly on the screen what you need to do. You can watch the video and then follow along copying what I do. Easy!

If you've been to one of my many webinars, then you''ll know that I explain things simply for everyone to understand.

And, that's another thing. The members area doesn't just have my "how to" videos, it also has my complete back catalogue of webinar recordings for you to watch whenever you want. You see the members area is open 24 hours a day every day, so you can watch the videos whenever it suits you.

You also get a monthly marketing newsletter sent to your door.

Anyway, rather than take up your time telling all the great things about being a member, I'm going to give you two months free access so you can discover it for yourself.

Membership normally costs £29.90 a month, so that's already worth £59.80 to you.

In addition, membership gives you access to my SEO Fast Start Training Program which is normally priced at £45.

So you can see that you are already looking at over £100 in extras. Personally I think membership of the Internet Jetstream Business Club is priceless :)

How can I stay a Member after the two months free access is over?

That's easy. I'll automatically make you a full member after two months and we'll charge your ongoing monthly membership to the credit card you used to buy the Adwords Course. You need do nothing, it's that simple.

If, in the unlikely case, that you do not want to stay as a full member, then you can tell me anytime during the 2 months free access and I'll make sure we cancel you. No payments will be taken and don't worry, you will still continue to have access to your Adwords course.

Contacting me to cancel is easy. There's a contact us form in the members area that you can use or just email me at my usual email address. Also, I will send reminders to you during the two month free access.

Membership is on a rolling monthly subscription, meaning that even when you are a full paying member you can stop at anytime just by telling me.

Personally, I think you will find the members area too valuable to want to leave, especially as I will keep add new material every month.

What are you Waiting For?

It's all here for you. The Adwords Essentials course and your bonus two months free access to my Internet Jetstream Business Club. What's more everything is covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

It's time you really shook up the internet and gave your business a much needed boost.

“Procrastination and hesitation is the failure of many businesses. Don't let it happen to you.”