Blog Post Awards – Sept 2014

Internet Jetstream Blog Awards Sept2014

Welcome to the Internet Jetstream Blog Post Awards – Sept 2014

As you know, every month I pick 3 or 4 blog posts that I think were the very best of all the ones I’ve read and shared. Obviously all the posts are about marketing and quite often about internet marketing specifically.

I know that many of my readers don’t get time to read all the blog posts that perhaps they would like to, so this monthly round up is my way of giving you a shortlist of the ones you really should read.

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So, lets look at the very best blog posts of September 2014.



How Twitter Cards Can Help Increase the Reach of Your Tweets – Ian Cleary

I’ve always been slightly confused about Twitter cards. For that reason, I’ve tended to ignore them! However Ian’s post has made me rethink that.

He really knocks the ball out of the park with this very comprehensive post on Twitter cards.

If Twitter is something you are finding useful for your business, then Twitter cards could give you significant boost.

Ian makes it easy for you to understand and implement them.


Read: How Twitter Cards Can Help Increase the Reach of Your Tweets


5 Little-Known Landing Page Design Mistakes That Cripple Conversions – Robin Geuens

Firepole Marketing produce a lot of great blog posts. It’s headed up by my good friend Danny Iny and I know that he’s very careful about picking great guest writers to work on his blog. This time it’s a post written by Robin Geuens. This is a gem!

Go read this post and then look at your own website. I bet you could make some changes right away that would start to boost sales.

Read: 5 Little-Known Landing Page Design Mistakes That Cripple Conversions


5 Facebook Ad Split Tests to Cut Lead Acquisition Costs  – Emeric Ernoult

If you’ve been to any of my Adwords talks, then you will know that I am a massive believer in split testing. It’s what separates the winners from the failures.

This excellent blog post looks at split testing your advertising on Facebook. If you are doing any advertising on Facebook (or plan to), then this blog post is essential reading.

Read: 5 Facebook Ad Split Tests to Cut Lead Acquisition Costs


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