Get Reviews or Get Buried!

5star-reviewsI thought a long time about using the title “Get Reviews or Get Buried” because it’s quite an aggressive statement and I don’t really like worrying business owners unnecessarily. You probably have more than enough worries with just running your business every day, without me pouring more on.

However, I realised that this really is that important that I must get you to take note of the message or I fear that your business really will suffer.

As always, the internet is driving massive changes in buying habits and those that change with it will benefit whilst those that sit back will struggle.

Being Number 1 One Google Used to be Enough!

It’s probably true to say that if you had your website at number one of Google for your products or services, then your were probably dominating the sales in that area.

People tended to go to the first one on the list and assumed “it’s at the top, it must be the best”.

To some extent, a lot of people still think the same way but it’s changing and it’s changing fast!

These days people are more swayed by other peoples reviews.

Companies like Amazon have conditioned us to read the reviews before making a purchase. Ebay did the same thing to us by introducing buyer reviews.

We’ve got used to seeing those gold stars. We’ve assumed that a lot of gold stars means the product is good.

The Gold Star Effect

Take  a look at the screenshot below from Google. Which websites stand out to you? Is it the ones with gold stars?

insurance-reviewsYou may have noticed the gold stars appearing in the adverts from Adwords but maybe you didn’t realise that they also appear in the organic (SEO) listings as well?

I’m willing to bet that because of the gold starts, the organic listing for gets more clicks than the one above it from

What’s more, isn’t it a natural reaction to ask yourself why none of the others have any gold stars? What’s wrong with their products!

You may not consciously make those observations but your subconscious probably is. Either way, it doesn’t matter which part of the brain is involved, what’s important is the results.

Gold stars equals more clicks equals more sales equals a growing business.

No gold stars equals less clicks equals less sales equals…… I think you can finish the sentence yourself.

How do I get Gold Stars!

Google checks various “trusted” review websites to collect it’s review data and decide how many stars you have. You can find a list of them on this article from Google on how to get Seller Ratings showing with your Ads

You can also register for Google’s Trusted Stores program. It’s free. so why wouldn’t you!

Of course, just registering for all these programs isn’t going to get you gold stars. You need your happy customers to give them to you!

So, here is my recipe for gold stars.

1) Register for one of the trusted review websites (and also Google’s own Trusted Stores Program)

2) Deliver great products and service to your customer!

3) ASK THEM for reviews!  (This is the bit everyone forgets!)

Over to You.

Don’t just put this on your to do list. Start actively putting in place a review process for your website. Get ahead of the competition before someone else does!



About The Author

Mike Seddon

I launched my first business in 2001 selling software. I started using Adwords to drive traffic to my software business and found I had a talent for it. At the time, I networked a lot locally with other businesses and I found many of them had suffered very bad experiences with various so called “professional” Adwords companies. Quite often I would help these business out of the mess they had got into. I started selling Adwords Management service back in 2006 and I’ve not looked back since. My approach is open and honest. My view is that if someone has to confuse you to win your business then it’s likely they don’t know what they are doing! In 2010, I wrote the book Simply Adwords and shortly after that it was picked up by Amazon here in the UK. Soon it went global to all the other Amazon stores and remains there today. I regularly give talks about Google Adwords and also the other website promotion techniques such as SEO, Social Media and more. In 2011, I was invited by none other than Perry Marshall to speak on Advance Adwords techniques.


  • Allan

    Reply Reply March 12, 2015

    Hi, I get the idea of the Google Trusted Stores programme, but does this apply to service providers who provide a service in the home rather than an online purchase? Many thanks, Allan.

  • Mike Seddon

    Reply Reply March 13, 2015

    Hi Allan,

    From what I can see, the Trusted Stores programme is really aimed at online purchases. I recently purchased something that asked me if I wanted to opt into the Trust Store service as a customer. I did and they followed up later with a survey about the buying experience.

    For service providers, I would look at the other review sites and see if something fits your service. Obviously it depends on how many customers you have and whether you think they would complete satisfaction surveys.

    It’s definitely worth exploring because if you end up being the only one in your industry with gold stars, then you really are going to stand out.

    Thanks for your question.

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