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Just imagine if you could:

  • Attract people easily to your website.
  • Discover the secret to converting those people to paying customers.
  • Use Social Media as a professional business tool and not a playful distraction.
  • Get ahead of your competitors and STAY there.

Stop imagining and make it a reality.

Join the Internet Jetstream members club and unlock the internet secrets for business success.


“Serious Business Owners know that the internet offers huge opportunities”

Hi, I'm Mike Seddon, creator of the Internet Jetstream Club. I've worked in Internet Marketing for many years and helped countless clients to achieve success for their business. I'm very results focused. The latest internet fad doesn't interest me unless I can prove that it can be used effectively to generate real and profitable business. Let me show you how the Internet can unlock tremendous growth for your business.

You don’t need me to tell you that the internet offers incredible opportunities for your business. It really is just waiting for you to unlock its secrets.

However the internet continues to evolve and change at an alarming rate. It seems that every day there is always some "new stuff" to learn. How on earth do you keep up? What’s more, how do you tell the good stuff from the bad stuff! You know, the stuff that actually works and isn’t just the latest internet fad?

That's where I can help. I'll can guide you through the maze and show you what works. I can show you how to quickly start using it profitably for your business. I can show you the Internet Jetstream.

OK, so what is the Internet Jetstream?

Magic starts to happen when you enter the Internet Jetstream.

Once you know what works on the internet and you can focus on doing that, then you will see a massive change in your business. You will experience what it feels like to have a business that’s tapped into the internet, generating increased sales and revenue.

When this happens, you will experience what I call the “Internet Jetstream”.

This is when everything starts to flow your way! All the different working parts of your internet marketing come together and suddenly it becomes the engine that drives your business forward. In fact, it becomes a jet engine.

You see everyone else is heading into the wind by either fighting the internet or getting bogged down doing lots of things that simply don’t work. There are even some who are just trying to ignore it!

They are all stuck in the slow lane.

Let me show you the fast lane. Join me today in the Internet Jetstream Members club

What is the Internet Jetstream  Club?

If you are already in my mailing list, then you have experienced some of what the Internet Jetstream offers. I’ve already given you some free help and advice through my various guides and webinars.

I give this to you freely because I genuinely want you to experience some of the success that the internet can generate for your business. I also do it because I believe you should be able to try before you buy.

You see the Internet Jetstream Members club requires you to invest in a monthly subscription. That investment will unlock access to my inner vault where I keep my very best advice and help.

In the vault, you will find lots of valuable advice, tips and techniques to help you grow your business online. Everything I teach in the vault works.

Being a member give you access to the vault and much more.


Here’s what you get as a member

1. Access to the Vault:

You’ll find lots of “how to” guides packed with advice, tips and techniques. Many of these guides are in video format because I find video is one of the quickest, easiest and best ways to show someone how to do something.

There's no time wasting or "verbal flannel" in my videos. They get straight to the point and show you EXACTLY what you need to do. I know you are a busy business owner and you just want to get it done.

What's more you'll find everything explained in plain English and not techno-jargon (Or techno-gibberish as I call it!).

“Mike has so much knowledge at his disposal, and always manages to present it to techno-muppets like me in comprehensible bite-sized chunks. Thank goodness - it's all gain and no pain. Thanks, Mike!”

Sally Pickard

The vault will continue to grow as every month I will add new guides as I will seek out the new tips & techniques that really work.

2. The Fast Start Action Guides:

The Fast Start Action Guides are a series of videos that give you a fast start to using the most popular internet marketing techniques. These are an invaluable starting place for you if you are new to these techniques. They will show you exactly how to use them to promote your business. They will show you quickly what you need to do so you can act fast and start getting benefit almost immediately. That’s why I call them Fast Start Action Guides!

Here’s the list of Fast Start Action Guides currently available:

Fast Start SEO Video Program

This video program gets you started with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the technique used to get your website to appear high in searches on Google.

This Fast Start Action Guide is sold on the website for £45 as it’s a complete video training course in its own right. As a member you will have free access to this course.

If you want to learn SEO quickly and start to push your website up the Google Ranking, then my SEO Fast Start Guide is essential viewing.

Fast Start Action Guide to Facebook

Not sure how to use Facebook for your business? Our Fast Start Video will explain the basics and it will show you how to create that all important Facebook Page for your business.

Fast Start Action Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has grown in popularity in recent years, especially amongst people who are in the business to business market. Our Fast Start Guide will get you started using it effectively to attract customers and leads to your business.

Fast Start Action Guide to Twitter

Is Twitter just a pointless fad that is completely useless for your business? If you follow the normal advice offer by so called “gurus” then Twitter is a complete waste of time. However, if you follow the steps in this Fast Start Guide then you will unlock the true potential for your business.

Fast Start Action Guide to YouTube

YouTube is massive and ignored by many businesses. Did you know that it is second only to Google in terms of the number of searches that happen every day on YouTube. People are no longer just looking for funny videos. Today’s searcher is looking for advice, reviews and information about your products & services.

In this Fast Start guide you will learn how to create videos that appear at the top of the search results and drive customers to your website.

3. My Monthly Marketing Newsletter

As a member of the Internet Jetstream club, you will receive my printed newsletter sent every month right to your door. It's packed with tips, news and resources to help you promote your business online.

I know it costs me more to send a printed newsletter rather than just email it. However I do this because I know you get a lot of email and I think you are more likely to read a printed newsletter that yet another email. The information in my newsletter is that important to your business so I want to make sure you read it!

4. Access to the Webinar Archive

This is priceless.

Whenever I host a webinar, I always get emails asking me if it will be recorded because people are desperate to get the material but just can't make the webinar time.

As a paying member to the Internet Jetstream Club, you get access to my Webinar Archive. In there you will find the recordings of all my past webinars. Every time I do a new webinar, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that if you can't attend live then there will be a recording made available to you to watch whenever you want.


Ready to Start?

I’m sure you are eager to get started and join my other members in the Internet Jetstream. There’s lots of great material waiting for you. So, let me make it even easier for you. Normally a monthly membership would cost £29.90 (that's about 50 US Dollars) and at that price it is an absolute bargain! As a special offer to you, I’d like to offer you a 2 month trial for only £29.90. Yes that's two months for the price of one. During the trial, you will get everything a full member gets. I will hold nothing back. You get full access to the Vault. You get all the Fast Start Action Guides and you get the monthly newsletter delivered directly to your door. If you are happy with your trial (and I know you will be!), then you need do nothing as I will automatically make you a full member at the end of the trial. Your full membership fees will be collected from that point onwards, for as long as you choose to remain a member. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the trial, then you just need to let me know and I will refund your trial membership and cancel your ongoing membership. No further payments will be taken and you can keep anything I have already sent you with my compliments. It’s all part of my 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your trial of the Internet Jetstream Members club then tell me and I'll personally arrange a complete refund. What's more you can keep all of the materials I've sent with my compliments. This really is a no risk purchase. This either works for you or you get your money back.

"Mike Seddon is one of the few internet marketing experts who genuinely ‘walks his talk’. Not only is his knowledge at the cutting edge of internet development, he also puts his money where his mouth is linking his success to the success of his clients."

"His internet consultancy practice places his clients at the top of the rankings with the least possible cost and does more to convert vague interest into hard sales than most people would believe possible. He has the secrets to capturing more business from the internet"

Dominic Ashley-Timms

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“Procrastination and hesitation is the failure of many businesses. Don't let it happen to you."


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