Lonely Flowers Looking for a Home

lonely-flowersAs a marketing idea, “Lonely Flowers Looking for a Home” is one of the more original ones I’ve seen recently.

The idea is quite simple.

Every day for a week, a local flower company in Stockton is going to leave a bouquet of flowers  all alone waiting for someone to adopt it. The flowers maybe left on a park bench, i a doorway, at a bus station. Anywhere.

On it will be the following message:

“The Lonely Bouquet

Adopt me please. I’m all alone and looking for a new home. Perhaps I can live with you. Or a loved one.

Our flower friends would love to hear from us and find out where we ended up.

Please let them know at Facebook Simplyflowers Fairfield”


Clever eh?

Can you imagine the publicity this will get that flower shop locally?

What’s really clever is that they posted the photo above onto Facebook and now it is being shared all over Facebook.

You can see it yourself on Facebook at their page:


I don’t live anywhere near Stockton but the photo reached me within 24 hours of them posting it.

Will it generate extra business?

I’d love to know what their plans are to turn all this publicity into extra revenue. Hopefully they have thought that part through.

Personally I would have liked to have seen some call to action that would have allowed them to collect email addresses of local people or even mobile phone numbers so that they could use text marketing.

I imagine their Facebook page will grow because of this, so Facebook ads is an obvious tactic for them.  They could send people to an offers page but I’d be tempted to send them to a page to collect contact details (email or mobile phone number). My suggestion would be something like this:

“We hope you liked our Lonely Bouquet offer this week. We had great fun and so we plan to do it again on random days through out the year. If you’d like to get an alert on the days we are running it then please enter your contact details below and we’ll make sure you know when the Lonely Bouquet is out looking for a home again!”

Once they have a database of emails or phone numbers, they have the means to push out offers and generate sales.

What would you Do?

Ok, it’s your turn. What would you do to turn all the extra interest they will get from this campaign into real revenue?

Post your ideas into the comments section below. Let’s see who can come up with the best one!



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  • Jamie A

    Reply Reply February 25, 2015

    I would add something like “If I am lucky enough to be adopted by you, pop into our shop at xxxxxxxxxxx to see my other friends who are also looking for good homes and collect a special “thank you” coupon.”

  • Horace Bone

    Reply Reply February 27, 2015

    I work with Veterans Administration Certified Claims Agents. We are qualified to assist veterans in applying for pension benefits that are difficult to obtain without a lot of guidance. We could contact veterans groups and offer to provide our service to a selected deserving veteran perhaps once a month. Our cost in time and detail is significant, but this might be a good way to become better known for our work. I hear attorneys talk often about pro bono work, but I for one don’t know of anyone who has ever received such a benefit.

    That’s somewhat of an extension of the ‘lonely flowers’ technique. Thanks for the idea.

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