Three Great Websites for finding Useful Images


Keeping on top of all your image needs for your website, your blog and all your social media posts can be a nightmare.

Over the years, I’ve been forced to become an image “hunter gatherer”. Whenever I spot a great place to get images from, it gather it up for future use!

I recently sent out a mail to everyone on my mailing list about a new image website I had found and I got lots of “thank you” replies from very grateful people. That told me that I am not alone in having this ever increasing need for new sources of images.

So, I decided to share my top three with you.


This is the one I just discovered and caused quite a stir when I shared it recently with my email list.

It’s simply a site where photographers have shared their won photos for free. Yes, for free.

You can download any of them and use them in any way you want. You are also free to change them if you wish. So it’s perfectly acceptable to add some text onto those images and suddenly you’ve got a great image for a blog post or social media post.

You can see examples of what people have done with Unsplash by checking out this page of images made with Unsplash.

Presenter Media

You will find lots of images on this website that are from Presenter Media. I’ve used them for years. Not only do I use them on my website but I also use them for my webinars graphics, my social media posts and my direct mail campaigns.

Their site is packed with great images covering lots of different subjects. It’s really easy to sort through all their offerings and find just the image you want.

Some of their images even have the ability to add text directly onto them, to create instant images with your own message. See my example below.

I started with this:


And made this in seconds:


Presenter Media isn’t free but it’s really inexpensive when you consider the enormous amount of graphics you get.


If you post a lot to Facebook and other social media platforms, then Canva could be exactly what you need. They have lots of image templates all set up in the exact sizes that you will need for the platform you are posting to. You can even create your business cards using their software.

It does take a little bit of getting used to. Or at least I found it fiddly. I kept expecting that clicking on certain things would do certain things but it didn’t! However, with some patience you can create some very impressive graphics and in a lot less time than you would have taken to create them from scratch.

Canva has lots of free images you can use and also paid for images. The choice is yours


What do you use?

As I said at the start, I am always looking for new places to get my images from. So, what do you use? Please share in the comments below so that everyone can benefit from your discovery!



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  • Stefan Drew

    Reply Reply April 17, 2015


    I agree PresenterMedia is excellent .. I use it for gifs, stills and video clips almost daily.

    PowerPoint also has a built in image library that is reasonable as does the Facebook ads system.

    I also use Creative Commons but you have to be wary of it and ensure you can use the images for the purposes you envisage.

    My best source however is my iPhone. I take photos everyday and have tens of thousands on file for later use on websites, Facebook, blogs, presentations. Simple things like a glass of wine, a hinge or a pencil can be just what you need for blogging and taking your own images saves all the worry about copyright.

  • Mike Seddon

    Reply Reply April 19, 2015

    I recall going out to dinner with you and you taking pictures then of things to use in your marketing!

    Luckily none were of me :)

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